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Taking a break…


My dear friends and family,

I hope this note meets you well. I feel I owe it to you to mention that I am taking a mini-vacation from the blog these upcoming months. I don’t usually post as much during the summer anyway, but on a more deliberate note, I am attempting to reduce the time I spend online in general. After writing the¬†setting goals post, I now realize a thing or two about my blogging habits and what my priorities are in life at this time. Below are my top three priorities that are crowding out my time for blogging.


Photo from yoga teacher training, courtesy of A. Williamson


One part of my choice to take a break has to do with current life satisfaction. In the past I used this blog as a way to channel creative energy that had no where to go in my “real life” so to speak. When I wasn’t working in wellness I needed something to help me organize my thoughts around health. However, I feel blessed to say I have found plenty of avenues to put my creative side to work both at my job at the hospital as a wellness coach, as a doula for private clients, and now as a yoga teacher (I graduated on Sunday!) Thank you to all of you who have raised me up along the way. I couldn’t have done it without your support and encouragement. I feel my vocation is finally coming together ūüôā What that means is that now I feel less motivated to blog and more motivated to get out there and put all my thinking and hard work over the past 5 years into practice hopefully into a business model. I will keep you posted on the progress.


At the same time, I do recognize I have an underlying need to write. I graduated with an English major, and I have been a long time journal junkie – so there is a personal need that the blog does fulfill. ¬†However, recently I recognize that I have another story within me that I need to write. This story is not so much about health and wellness or spirituality specifically, but more so is my own life story, which of course includes health, wellness, and spirituality but it is more raw and vulnerable; it’s more about beauty than meaning and its more about feelings than information sharing. Recently I wrote a few posts for the blog and by the time I finished I felt like they could be a good chapter in a book. So I am considering what that would look like – what shape would this story take? I did not delete the stories but instead saved these “posts” for a future compilation of some sort. Synchronicity might also play a role in all of this as I recently befriended a lovely writer, who is a great mentor,¬†and I won a workshop on writer’s block that will likely align with and reinforce my latest decision to take a hiatus from online writing. I am excited to explore what my new writing practice will look like.


The last and most important thing I found is that at the bottom of it all, I love people. I love stories. I love community. And while online can be a wonderful avenue to create community and connect with people, at this time, I feel drawn to do the relationship building work in “real life”. A couple weeks ago I attended a conference where James Fowler spoke, and his message hit home. He mentioned that as much as social media and networking impacts the world and ourselves, that it really is the people who are near and dear to us that influence us the most and vice versa. Well this really resonated with me and it made me realize that as much as I like sharing with people afar, that I first need to spend some time on the ground with my family and then my friends.

Some things that excite me around this work is that I am developing a yoga sequence to teach my mom and dad, and I plan to teach them until they can do the sequence on their own. After years of having my dad walk by me in high school when I was practicing yoga, saying (mocking), “AAAAOooooommmm”, I am proud to say 13 years later, I am being asked as the expert to share that experience with him. How amazing to see how you can influence your loved ones over time? I feel more than honored.

Another piece I am working toward is a trip to Korea in November. It has been 6 years since I’ve been there to visit family. In that time both of my older sisters have been married, two nephews and a niece have been born, the family cow gave birth to twins, and they got a new family dog!

This past weekend in my frenzy of worrying about my test out for yoga teacher training I received 5 videos of my Korean family members wishing me luck. Immediately I relaxed and realized what is important in life – not the outcome of my teaching but the supportive relationships and family that I have. With that said, I already made plans for the visit, so these upcoming months¬†I will need to emotionally prepare and ponder any questions I have about my family’s past, of my past. The last time my sisters came to visit I learned my birth story. It was powerful. I am excited to take some time to be with family and learn more about my roots.

* * *

I have to leave you with this – when I told my youngest sister we were coming to Korea yesterday, she wrote, “My heart bounce bounce.”

I love that image and her words. It inspires me to do more of what makes my heart bounce bounce; I hope we all can find time to do more of that in our lives.

In the interim,  if you want to keep up with me in the real world, feel free to send me an email at mandalareflections[at]gmail[dot]com. I look forward to connecting!

Take care and talk soon.

Blessings, Kali

Quick life/blog update



I hope this note finds you well.

I came on today to share some personal news. I recently landed a job in the area of health and wellness. I feel so fortunate and blessed that I am speechless. As part of my work, I am enrolling in a health coaching program and over the next 3 years, I will implement a community wellness initiative doing one-on-one coaching with a handful of folks!


What that means for me and you:

1) I am amping up efforts to manifest health in my own life. (It’s long overdue and now part of my job, so there are no excuses!)

2) There will be more frequent posts along the way (hopefully) – I will share digestible bits/resources that I find useful!

The bulk of our project will look at nutrition and physical inactivity, so you may see more tidbits come in around those topics. However, I will continue the important talks about mental health, community, and social/spiritual aspects of health as it’s all interconnected. Part of my role in my coaching efforts will be to bring in the holistic perspectives of wellness, rather than just counting calories and steps.

That’s all I have for now. Thanks always for your continued support and community. This blog and its readers have played a big role for me over the past year in keeping me honest and up-to-date with wellness while I worked positions unrelated to health. Thank you, thank you!

A Healthy Home in the Making


This post is three parts, one part excuse, one part teaser, and one part informative/cool.

Excuse part:¬†While I will do my best to¬†blog about¬†any pertinent¬†wellness news, I¬†write to¬†ask you to please excuse my quiet blogging presence this month.¬†On March 1st,¬†my husband and I bought our first home.¬†Which means¬†during the last two weeks,¬†our free time¬†has been¬†dedicated¬†to¬†all things house-related. If we¬†aren’t eating or sleeping, we are packing, organizing, moving, painting, dreaming, arguing, celebrating, or thinking about the move. You get the idea. You know the¬†stereotypical, new, overexcited DIY-homeowners? That’s us right about now.¬†I never imagined myself to be so enthralled by it all, but I am, and I am riding the wave while I can. I sense a burnout on the horizon so I’m hoping this go-go-go adrenaline will continue to¬†motivate¬†us through April 1st,¬†our official move-in date. Once we are all in one place, I look forward to taking a break from the hustle and bustle and inviting you over to simply relax and ponder the meaning of our existence, you know, the¬†usual. Or, maybe¬†we could be¬†wild and¬†have a party? The possibilities are infinite…

Teaser part: So why am I including this homeowner babble on Mandala Reflections? Well, I have been itching to share some information about environmental health on this blog and now feel like I have the extra push to bring this topic to light. My thesis work for my holistic health studies degree actually started with research on environmental health and healthy homes. I gained a lot of knowledge and insight about the environment and how it affects our health and would love to share what I learned with you in smaller bites. Truthfully on good days, I can hardly wrap my head around the pages and pages of my thesis and notes, so I actually am delighted to have a reason to revisit my work, make it useful for me and for you, and perhaps encounter some more discoveries along the way.

Informative/cool part:

One important¬†aspect of a healthy home is good air quality, indoor and out. So, I leave you with a picture of¬†a desk that was designed by Julio Radesca¬†based on the principles that Kamal Meattle¬†discussed in his TEDtalk¬†on how to use plants to grow fresh air. To give you the¬†quick version understanding,¬†plants help keep the air you breathe clean. Certain plants work better than others. ¬†Julio Radesca’s¬†desk uses a hydroponic system that feeds the plants, which keeps them alive¬†so they can clean the air, so that you can breathe happy.

However you should know, there two things that plants cannot clean. 1) Smoke. 2)¬†Dust. So¬†if you smoke,¬†understand that¬†only you can remove¬†those pollutants from your home. ¬†And,¬†always remember¬†to¬†give your¬†green friends a good wash, at least¬†once a week if you want them to keep cleaning the air for you.¬†What is a good wash, you ask? Spray the leaves with water and pat them¬†clean/dry with a paper towel. Be gentle.¬†If you want to give your plant a great wash,¬†maybe talk to the plant while you wash it. Light some candles, put on some tunes, whatever works for you and your plant. Just don’t light the candle too close to the plant…