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Setting goals


I’ve been staring back and forth between my to-do list and this blank page. Back and forth. Back…and forth.

I’m feeling uninspired, and I wonder why.

lack of motivation

But actually, the more I think about it I don’t wonder at all. I guess I failed to mention that between glancing at my list of tasks and my computer screen, I have also been watching the snow falling tirelessly outside my window. It seems to never end.

I will skip detailing my Earth day/global warming/look outside and see the evidence speech (although I feel it stirring within me a little), because most of our spirits would not benefit from that right now. I know it certainly wouldn’t motivate me, and right now I need some motivation.

So, how is it that I continue to type? Because I am in the business of goal setting. The goal I set for myself that is due for tomorrow is “to write a blog post”. What is interesting about this goal I set is that when I ask myself the question, “why is it important to me?” I draw a blank…

Why do I write blogs?

If I had to play coach on myself, the immediate answer I guess is simple, I write blogs with the hope to share information and stories that I believe may be helpful to others. Is that enough to motivate me to write? No, not always.

I’m sorry. I do love you all, but it’s not enough to get me going everyday – especially on a day like today. And if I put on my coaching hat, I understand that my tendency is completely normal. External motivators will not give me the strongest push to follow through with the goals I set in life. The best motivation comes from within. It has to be connected to me and nobody else. I have to care (unlike the fellow in the photo).

Lucky for you/and me, I am quite stubborn, so despite having no idea what this post would entail as I started, I came on anyway and am doing it just so I can cross it off my list. Am I proud of that? Not necessarily.

So what does this all mean, then?

What it means for me is that I need to look more carefully at my blogging practice and determine what it is that I really get from it. Because as altruistic as I’d like to be, I know that if I am not able to answer the question in a way that connects my goal of writing a blog to a personal need, then it is going to be tough for me to sustain it in a way that is genuine and enjoyable for everyone. By understanding why it is important to me, I will be able to deliver content that is more meaningful for all of us, and theoretically I would not have to drag my feet so much (resist) when I come on to write.

From prose to practice

Next time you set a goal and you find your progress is stalling, ask yourself, why is it important to me? Wait patiently for the answer to come and see what you learn. Give yourself some time. Don’t rush the process. If you wait and wait and still can’t figure it out, ask yourself how you can shift your goal in a way that would create more meaning for you.

Or book an appointment with me and we can talk it through together 🙂 Email me at kali[dot]j[dot]higgins[at]gmail[dot]com. Stay tuned for more details/website launch coming soon! 🙂

Fall & Recover


“There is a split in the human psyche between each person’s rational and intellectual side and our chaotic and emotional being. The true essence of modern dance is the movement that happens in between these extremes.”

“Dance occurs in the fearful moment between falling and recovering by the arc swept by a body moving between equilibrium and uncontrol.”

*  *  *

fall and recoverI am not a dancer, but I love this concept. Mainly, I want to live this concept.

People always talk about balance as being so important to our well-being. I used to be one of those people. However, the more I think about it, the more I realize that it’s not simply about balance and stability. It is about a rhythmic balance. It’s not one or the other, it’s somewhere in between. Its not about smooth sailing. It’s about rising after falling.

Life doesn’t work in a way that’s completely balanced. There isn’t one good day for every bad day. Being a good person doesn’t stop bad things from happening to you. That’s just not how it is. In life there are ups and downs, and what’s important is to make some sort of rhythm out of the highs and lows. We must find the space between equilibrium and uncontrol that allows us to live our lives on the edge. We must trust the rhythm of falling and recovering.  We must not be afraid of falling, and we must know how it is that we recover.

*  *  *

Yesterday, I mumbled and stuttered through my 75 minute yoga sequence – the sequence I am to teach to graduate from my teacher training. It was supposed to be a rough draft, and it was certainly rough. After I taught it I almost wanted to crawl back in bed and quit my training all together. Isn’t teaching supposed to be easier? I thought. No, it’s not. After talking with my husband I realized that I need to put more effort into my teaching if I really want to become a great teacher.

In order to fall, we must put ourselves out there, but we must be real with our efforts. Over the past few years, with my holistic lens and many interests I have always had one foot out the door throughout many of my experiences. For example, when I was working a nice gig in a “green” job, I found myself signing up for a couple weekend programs related to wellness. I even started volunteering as a doula at a hospital. I wasn’t totally invested in my day job, and because of my multiple efforts I could not engage fully in the world. Living that way certainly got me to fall but not the kind of way I am talking about in this post. Now I am aiming for the kind of fall that happens when you put yourself out there and you put all you have into it. Whatever the it may be.

Today I taught a 30 minute yoga sequence to some teens and it was amazing. Just one day after questioning my choice to be a yoga teacher, I had a reality check. While at first I was attached to my bad teaching experience and then became attached to my awesome experience, I realize now, that I cannot be attached to either outcome.

Now I see that both of these outcomes are part of life, part of the rhythmic balance – the dance. And I know that the more I put myself out into the world, the more I will fall. And as long as I fall with integrity and full engagement, I know it will become easier to recover and grow stronger with each new experience.

Why dream, when you can do? Art journals & “collage montage”


Journals and notebooks are used for so many things. Some chronicle world events on a large scale like the newspaper, while others may be used to bring our attention to a smaller, present moment. Others might be a playground for developing ideas and stories. Maybe the journal you know is more of a place for mind dumps and wandering thoughts or maybe yours is beautifully adorned with poetry and other holy insights. Perhaps a journal to you is just an empty page inviting that doodle in you to come out. Whatever journaling means to you, there is a deep and therapeutic aspect to it. Next month we will have a guest blogger on to speak, or I should say write, about the healing nature of writing, and I can’t wait. But for tonight, I wanted to quick plug my love for art journals and the power of image with words as it relates to health and wellness.

2.13.13_CollageTonight I started what I hope to be a habit, the first page of an art journal, what I like to playfully call “collage montage” (a bit redundant, but it rhymes). This isn’t my first rodeo. My first intentional visual art journal was birthed freshman year of college during an interim course called, “Arts, Culture and Context” that took place on Lake Street in Minneapolis. I never finished my journal because of my perfectionist ways – I told the teacher that I would do it later on my own time (so I could do it the right way instead of rush through it). Well I owe my professor a big apology as it’s been 9 years since the course and the journal is stored on a shelf, collecting dust, still unfinished. I’ve made peace with it, mainly because I still have the opportunity and urge to journal in a way that is not just capturing words but images. (I’m still working on the perfectionist thing, but that’s for another post ;))

Images are so powerful. As they say, “a picture is worth a 1,000 words”. Think about how images affect us – some of us can read books with graphic scenes and descriptions but cannot stomach to see it on the big screen. Images have a way of staying with us. But, what happens if we take some control over the images we see – or we put images to the feelings we have deep inside of us? Sometimes there are no words, but there are images that arise in our consciousness. What would it look like if we took the time to explore those images?

Those are the questions I sit with tonight and I hope to sit with tomorrow. How does image impact you? Do you have an empowering image that you keep nearby? Is there an image inside of you? Do you need to let it out?

I dedicate this post to dear Kris and Nan, my original research partners and forever soul friends. I owe this recent revival of interest in art journaling to the two of you. Thank you so much! Please keep all of the MR readers posted on whatever form your deep research takes next. We so look forward to it!