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What if money was no object?


Need some direction in your life vocation, life work?

Here is a nice video to wake up to on a Friday, the day before the day many people retreat to their “real lives.” ¬†Alan Watts asks the right questions that get you to examine your motives and your desires. What if money was no object? What do you desire?

For more of Alan’s juicy insights check out his website or visit Youtube for an array of other philosophical and inspirational clips.

Quick life/blog update



I hope this note finds you well.

I came on today to share some personal news. I recently landed a job in the area of health and wellness. I feel so fortunate and blessed that I am speechless. As part of my work, I am enrolling in a health coaching program and over the next 3 years, I will implement a community wellness initiative doing one-on-one coaching with a handful of folks!


What that means for me and you:

1) I am amping up efforts to manifest health in my own life. (It’s long overdue and now part of my job, so there are no excuses!)

2) There will be more frequent posts along the way (hopefully) – I will share digestible bits/resources that I find useful!

The bulk of our project will look at nutrition and physical inactivity, so you may see more tidbits come in around those topics. However, I will continue the important talks about mental health, community, and social/spiritual aspects of health as it’s all interconnected. Part of my role in my coaching efforts will be to bring in the holistic perspectives of wellness, rather than just counting calories and steps.

That’s all I have for now. Thanks always for your continued support and community. This blog and its readers have played a big role for me over the past year in keeping me honest and up-to-date with wellness while I worked positions unrelated to health. Thank you, thank you!