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Breaking Down Walls: Cultivating Awareness, Nourishing the Soul


Today’s post challenges us to break down the walls that we create inside ourselves. The idea and excerpts came from a book that I highly recommend, The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer. According to Singer, our continued focus on our thoughts and emotions create walls inside of us. We pay so much attention to these thoughts and emotions that we eventually stop noticing everything else, and worse yet, we stop going beyond the borders they create.

Try to knock these walls down. It won’t be easy.  Notice “the closer you get, the more you will have the urge to pull back. That which you collected from your past forms a boundary you intuitively want to avoid. That’s natural, that’s what we do with walls; we avoid running into them.”  However, just because it feels uncomfortable doesn’t mean you should stop. Go there and be with the discomfort. Because the moment “you avoid running into them, they lock you inside their perimeter. They become your prison because they are the boundaries of your awareness. Because you are not willing to approach them, you cannot see what is beyond them.”

Once we stop going beyond ourselves we lose the ability to grow individually and spiritually. If we cannot go beyond ourselves,  we will never have a transpersonal awakening–we will never connect to that which is greater than ourselves. The line between ourselves and the world will remain at a disconnect. As long as we remain removed from one another, our individual and collective health and well-being will suffer. However, if we work on breaking down our walls and we become aware of our walls, we make progress toward becoming our true selves instead of being reduced to our feelings and emotions.

Take five minutes, find a quiet space and think about your walls. Think about your thought patterns and how they are serving you today. What would it be like if you let go of those thoughts and just witnessed them as nothing more than thoughts? Think about all the worrying you do. What if you just let those worries go? What would you start noticing in your life that you were unable to notice before? How would you grow? How would this new way of being affect the health and well-being of you and those around you? Climb the walls; break them down and watch what happens when you start seeing what lies beyond them.

Human Connection: The Power of Vulnerability


On behalf of the Thanksgiving holiday (for those that celebrate) many health experts are featuring topics about the power of gratitude or providing tips on how to avoid a food coma. Mandala Reflections already focused on gratitude in the Mary Oliver and Maya Angelou post but wanted to provide some more food for thought this week. Unfortunately, Mandala Reflections will not be posting about what foods to avoid this holiday. So you got lucky! Enjoy your meal(s).

What Mandala Reflections will do is challenge you to not avoid something this holiday, and that something would be your feelings and your vulnerabilities. Now before you shut down and disregard this post, because many of us have the tendency to cringe when we have to talk about our feelings,  please do take 20 minutes to watch and enjoy this humorous, smart and thought-provoking TEDtalk video that may change the way you think about your feelings and the way you think about yourself and the world.

The ability to connect with ourselves and others is definitely something we think about during the holidays, and this human connection does truly affect our health and our lives. While you sit on the couch or bar stool this holiday, reflecting or not reflecting, with or without family and friends, this video offers a legitimate challenge for us all, and that message you will just have to wait and find out by watching the video for yourself.

Happy Thanksgiving!