Mandala Reflections started from a passion for health and wellness within the context of the self and the collective. We are in constant dialogue between our inner and outer world, and Mandala Reflections aims to bring it all together. This site offers a better understanding of life, wellness, spirituality, ourselves and the world through a holistic lens that utilizes the symbol of the mandala.

Mandalas are circles that reflect the self, yet they also encompass the universe as a whole. Therefore mandalas hold the interesting paradox of the way we experience life and create the perfect framework for the discussion of health and wellness for the individual and the whole.

Mandala Reflections will share stories, images, information, events and anything else  that may inspire you to use a mandala framework to reflect on your own life–that is–to create connections between and within yourself and your community.

Mandala Reflections does not diagnose, prescribe, or cure. The information provided on this website is for educational purposes only so that individuals may make informed decisions regarding their personal healthcare.

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