Using a yoga strap to improve posture & reduce tension


Posture contributes to how we feel and to our overall health and well-being. Just talk to a chiropractor, and they will tell you all about it.

Today I learned a way to use a yoga strap to help improve posture. It’s quite simple but a powerful exercise. Truthfully I do not own a yoga strap but plan to go buy one tomorrow. I have been slow to buy yoga “props,” thinking of them as mere accessories. However, as I deepen my practice and have learned how to use them, I now know they are definitely worth the investment.

Often times, a prop is only viewed as something that people use who cannot do the full yoga posture on their own. Some people view props as signs of weakness or inability.

If that is the only way we view props, we are missing the true essence of what they can offer us. My yoga teacher likes us to refer to props as “tools”. She calls them tools, because that is really what they are. They are tools that allow everyone to feel the full extent of a pose (whether or not their body is able to go there on its own). This ability to feel the full pose helps us realize the pose fully but it also allows our body to understand the pose through experience, creating a memory of that feeling in our body so we can replicate it on our own, later, when we are ready.

Same thing goes with posture. Using this yoga tool, you can start to enjoy the benefits of good posture again and remind your body what proper alignment feels like so that when your body is ready to do it on it’s own, it can easily reproduce the sensation.


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