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“Simplicity is the highest form of sophistication.” There is nothing faux about “The fauxMartha”…what an eggcellent post. I recommend this blog to people who love food/food photography/good writing/life reflection. I am also reposting not only because I want to try her recipe, but because Mandala Reflections hopes to bring to you some more holistic posts about food, health, and community this fall/winter. Yay! I’m getting hungry just thinking about it…


A couple months ago, I started this simple summer series. I read every last suggestion from you on how to keep summer simple and even implemented a handful, although they were faced with great resistance at first. A friend from college posted a suggestion to go outside, sit on the back porch, and stop everything. Shivers ran up my spine as a read it.

I love to be busy. And honestly I love work. Several nights recently I’ve found myself making popcorn and designing late into the night. No scowls involved. It’s good to love your work. It’s good to work. But it’s not good to miss life in the process.

But I’m happy to report—I think this summer was simple. I spent less time on twitter. And even less time in the kitchen. I spent several Saturdays on the beach. Beautifully mindless Saturdays. I watched nearly every last…

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