Everyone is Needed


As we twirl our way through space on our vast journey aboard the planet Earth everyone is needed.

An idle traveler is not permitted.

The captain without the cook cannot long guide the ship.

 So with professor and craftsman, farmer and city dweller, governor and sanitation worker.

So, too, with the elderly and the youthful.

Everyone is joined in the single human venture.

What is done by each is different.

That is why everyone is needed.

Activities that differ most from each other are most needed by each other.

– Excerpt from Thomas Berry‘s article, The Creative Role of Elders in the Human Community

As I am settling into finding and accepting my place in the world, I recognize now more than ever that everyone is needed, and everyone is important. This belief seems to go well with the subject of compassion–a topic that I have been looking at more deeply in my life.

Many of us cannot find compassion for others, because we sincerely believe that “those people” are less important, smart or worthy than the way we view ourselves and our communities. But we all know deep down, we are connected. We also know that nobody is perfect, including ourselves. So we must cooperate with each other, let go of our egos, and be humble. Our communities cannot become healthy and well until we acknowledge each person for the important role they play within it.

Questions to ponder:

If everyone is needed, how do you contribute? What do you bring to the world?

Do you appreciate your true talents and abilities/place in the world or do you try to be somebody or something that you perceive is more needed, appreciated or fabulous? If you experience the latter disconnect, how does it affect your well-being and sense of self? How does it affect your ability to be part of or contribute to the greater community?

Who do you least appreciate? Why? How might that being be just the person/animal/thing you need to accept, learn from or pay attention to? What would it feel like if you began to appreciate people who are different from you?

How do you feel when you are compassionate or when you receive compassion from somebody else?


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