A Healthy Home in the Making


This post is three parts, one part excuse, one part teaser, and one part informative/cool.

Excuse part: While I will do my best to blog about any pertinent wellness news, I write to ask you to please excuse my quiet blogging presence this month. On March 1st, my husband and I bought our first home. Which means during the last two weeks, our free time has been dedicated to all things house-related. If we aren’t eating or sleeping, we are packing, organizing, moving, painting, dreaming, arguing, celebrating, or thinking about the move. You get the idea. You know the stereotypical, new, overexcited DIY-homeowners? That’s us right about now. I never imagined myself to be so enthralled by it all, but I am, and I am riding the wave while I can. I sense a burnout on the horizon so I’m hoping this go-go-go adrenaline will continue to motivate us through April 1st, our official move-in date. Once we are all in one place, I look forward to taking a break from the hustle and bustle and inviting you over to simply relax and ponder the meaning of our existence, you know, the usual. Or, maybe we could be wild and have a party? The possibilities are infinite…

Teaser part: So why am I including this homeowner babble on Mandala Reflections? Well, I have been itching to share some information about environmental health on this blog and now feel like I have the extra push to bring this topic to light. My thesis work for my holistic health studies degree actually started with research on environmental health and healthy homes. I gained a lot of knowledge and insight about the environment and how it affects our health and would love to share what I learned with you in smaller bites. Truthfully on good days, I can hardly wrap my head around the pages and pages of my thesis and notes, so I actually am delighted to have a reason to revisit my work, make it useful for me and for you, and perhaps encounter some more discoveries along the way.

Informative/cool part:

One important aspect of a healthy home is good air quality, indoor and out. So, I leave you with a picture of a desk that was designed by Julio Radesca based on the principles that Kamal Meattle discussed in his TEDtalk on how to use plants to grow fresh air. To give you the quick version understanding, plants help keep the air you breathe clean. Certain plants work better than others.  Julio Radesca’s desk uses a hydroponic system that feeds the plants, which keeps them alive so they can clean the air, so that you can breathe happy.

However you should know, there two things that plants cannot clean. 1) Smoke. 2) Dust. So if you smoke, understand that only you can remove those pollutants from your home.  And, always remember to give your green friends a good wash, at least once a week if you want them to keep cleaning the air for you. What is a good wash, you ask? Spray the leaves with water and pat them clean/dry with a paper towel. Be gentle. If you want to give your plant a great wash, maybe talk to the plant while you wash it. Light some candles, put on some tunes, whatever works for you and your plant. Just don’t light the candle too close to the plant…


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